My Month in Tweets – January

Another month, another obvious writing procrastination ploy! I'm going to die in stilettos. Whether it's from old age or a staircase accident remains to be seen. — C.L. Ogilvie (@CLOgilvie) January 1, 2019   I relate to this down to my very bones... — C.L. Ogilvie (@CLOgilvie) January 5, 2019   A Terminator sequel... Continue Reading →


Embrace the Chaos

Okay, so last month I wrote about coming to term with my various failures as an author and letting go of some projects I loved but just weren’t working. I considered the advice of my therapist and decided it may be time for me to step back for a while, take a breath, and give... Continue Reading →

My Month in Tweets – December

I'm just gonna keep doing these posts cuz if you can't make yourself laugh, what's the point, right? Ah that gloriously overblown sense of optimism when you purchase a new piece of exercise equipment — C.L. Ogilvie 🍩📚 (@CLOgilvie) December 2, 2018   Finished making my pumpkin slippers but one came out way cuter than... Continue Reading →


I can’t deny it any longer. I am a failure as a writer. My goal for 2018 was to release another novel. I started three new projects and I stalled out on each of them. And with only four days to go until 2019, I think it’s safe to say a book release ain’t happening... Continue Reading →

Review – Cream Puff Murder

Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen Series) Author: Joanne Fluke Publisher: Kensington Rating: None Before I start, two disclaimers: I love cozy mysteries. LOVE THEM. Everything from small-town crime-solving reverends to big city It Girls with a habit of finding dead bodies, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been reading them since high school. For me, they’re the... Continue Reading →

What A Jerk

Last week, I decided to watch Bojack Horseman on Netflix. It’d been showing up in my recommendations for a while, but I usually ignored it, mostly because Netflix is terrible predicting what I should watch. (You watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so we recommend Van Helsing! I see you watched Underworld. Here’s The Princess Switch!) And... Continue Reading →

My Month in Tweets – November

My last post was a bit of a bummer, so I'm doing another one of these. Me: Its only the day after Halloween, it's way too soon for stores to have their Xmas displays up. Also Me: CHRISTMAS KNITTING PATTERNS 🤩😍🤩😍 — C.L. Ogilvie [insert clever pun] (@CLOgilvie) November 2, 2018   Putting on jeans... Continue Reading →

Phon(y)ing It In

(WOW, I am bad at puns.) For the last year, I’ve been struggling with a new project, a romantic comedy set in the middle of an apparent alien invasion. I originally started it in 2017 for Nanowrimo and promptly failed spectacularly. My first two novels were relatively easy for me to write. I finished the... Continue Reading →

Review – Daughter of the Sun

Daughter of the Sun Author: Effie Calvin Publisher: Nine Star Press Rating: Orsina of Melidrie is a paladin of the Order of the Sun, divinely chosen to vanquish a great evil. Aelia is a chaos goddess, the personification of poor decision-making, whose worship has been outlawed by the Order. Trapped in Inthya and forced into... Continue Reading →

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