Review – Loved Mars, Hated the Food

Loved Mars, Hated the Food Author: Willie Handler Publisher: Kyanite Publishing LLC Publication Date: August 13, 2019 Rating: (I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.) A quick and funny read. Handler manages to create a fully realized world with minimal exposition, no small feat for a sci-fi tale. The reader is... Continue Reading →

Review – It’s Not You, It’s Him

It's Not You, It's Him Author: Sophie Ranald Publisher: Bookouture Publication Date: June 18, 2019 Rating: It’s been two weeks since Renzo found out Tansy’s secret, ending their relationship on the spot, and she’s… not handling it well. Between scrolling obsessive through old photos and texting him all hours of the night, she struggles with... Continue Reading →

Review – Where We Land

Where We Land Author: Abigail Barnette Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC Rating: College drop-out Lauren Scott is just looking to lay low, working two jobs rather than accepting checks from her East coast conservative parents. Struggling singer-songwriter and full-time nurse assistant Daniel Ebbing, is trying to work his way home to England now regretting his... Continue Reading →

Review – Shifting Identities

Shifting Identities Author: Cris and Clare Meyers Publisher: Independently Published Rating: .5 I find these books to be more plot than character focused, and while I didn’t mind that in the first book, I feel familiar enough with these characters and heists that by the third book, I’m looking for a little more introspection. Personally,... Continue Reading →

My Month in Tweets – April

Okay, so I've been super busy preparing for a cross-country move, and I haven't had any time for writing, blog or WIP. But I always make time to tweet. My dad wrote a book! And I'm in it! #prouddaughter — C.L. Ogilvie (@CLOgilvie) April 3, 2019   Am I seriously the only person who... Continue Reading →

Review – #Toots

#Toots Author: Linh Le James Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Rating: When work, dating and proposals all go wrong, the only thing these four sisters can count on is each other. Louise will stop at nothing to convince Nick, the multimillionaire philanthropist, that she’s the holistic vegan goddess of his dream, even if it means sneaking... Continue Reading →

My Month in Tweets – January

Another month, another obvious writing procrastination ploy! I'm going to die in stilettos. Whether it's from old age or a staircase accident remains to be seen. — C.L. Ogilvie (@CLOgilvie) January 1, 2019   I relate to this down to my very bones... — C.L. Ogilvie (@CLOgilvie) January 5, 2019   A Terminator sequel... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Chaos

Okay, so last month I wrote about coming to term with my various failures as an author and letting go of some projects I loved but just weren’t working. I considered the advice of my therapist and decided it may be time for me to step back for a while, take a breath, and give... Continue Reading →

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